Daily Bullets (Feb. 7): OSU Turning Down Free Press, Peel's Serious Numbers

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We’ll see how the class ages but the 2020 football class won’t go down as a touted one. Bullets Rundown • OSU turning down the free press • Blue-chip ratios • Peel’s serious, Thorpe-worthy numbers OSU Bullets • Not to be too “high and mighty” but something to be proud of Oklahoma State about is how they haven’t hooked their wagon to the Tyreek Hill train. From OSU, there was no acknowledgement of Hill’s nine-catch, 105-yard stat line for the Chiefs — or of his 44-yard reception that triggered KC’s rally from a 10-point, fourth-quarter deficit. Oklahoma State would love to use Hill’s Bedlam punt return in social-media video or pregame video at Boone Pickens Stadium. Oklahoma State would love to include several Hill images in its football guides. [TulsaWorld] • In a piece looking at recruiting in the Big 12 over the last decade, this line about blue chips was spot on. Blue chips are essentially the obvious talents that everyone agrees are good prospects. You can end up with a very talented team without recruiting them but it’s obviously harder because the consensus regarding which players are most talented is going to end up being right more often…

I love that osu has kept its distance from tyreek hill. It’s only a matter of time before he punks out and ruins his career. Also of note, i m glad osu stays away from Marcus smart, for the same reasons. Our “culture” is important and it sucks that two of our great players can’t also be good humans.
Now, that alumni basketball team that want to play TBT??? I wouldn’t get on them

I disagree with Tyreek Hill snub stuff. I know it’s politically correct to do that. I think Hill’s fiance has major issues too. Hill was not convicted of hitting his son. He did wrong when he was at OSU but it appears he was NOT guilty of this violation while with the Chiefs. We will see moving forward but he might be getting his life together. Time will tell but I think alot of false things out there with regard to Hill. Some of it deserved. What he did while he was WRONG.
It does appear Tyreek is getting his life together. Might not be so but we shall see.


Marcus Smart is a bad human in your opinion. What lens do you view the world. He flops some on a basketball court so you call him a bad human. Sucks to be in your world.

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“appears he was NOT guilty of this violation while with the Chiefs” I’m a chiefs fan, and am hopeful that Tyreek never lays hands on anyone again. BUT… They did not say he was free of guilt. They simply couldn’t prosecute because they could not determine which parent was at fault. He said/She said and they both went free. I cringed a little seeing him with the boy on his shoulders after the Super Bowl. Again, I hope that boy has a fantastic childhood from now on, but I’m afraid Tyreek’s temper might get him in trouble at some point in the future. Good on OSU to not hitch their PR wagon to his.

What has Smart done to you or anyone that exudes “punk”? The jacka$$ fan at Texa$$ Tech? That guy should be banned from all college venues.

As for Hill, as others have said, that relationship w/ his babymama is complex and not one sided. I still don’t think we got the whole story when he was booted from the team. I’m not blaming his GF/babymama for the incident but I seriously doubt, like all domestic violence issues it’s 100% one sided. And don’t get me wrong, I do not condone hitting a woman but if a lady hits the man first he has a right to defend himself, not saying that means hitting a woman in the face or the like, best-case scenario is for the dude to leave and let cooler heads prevail. They need counseling, I can’t believe the Chiefs did not FORCE Hill and his woman to be in regular counseling. If they’re not going right now that, IMO, is on the Chiefs…

Nice to know the Puritans are alive and well here at PFB. Hill made mistakes. Maybe he will make them again. But it seems possible to separate his bad behavior with his athletic abilities, which require dedication and unselfishness toward his team. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Hope you don’t live in a glass house.

Unless it’s life or death, anyone who lays their hands on a female is and always will be a b!tch.

I get so tired of hearing about Cowboy Culture. Every school has guys who visit the cancer patients etc. Every school has guys who are religious and some that are not. Quite frankly I dont care about all that. I want our students and students athletes to follow the legal rules, practice and win games.