Daily Bullets (Feb. 7): Pokes Flame Out in Houston, Great Comparison for Cowboy Basketball

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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. Scores MBB: Houston 79, OSU 63 OSU Bullets • Five Thoughts on the Cowboys’ blowout loss in Houston on ESPN2 last night (PFB) Side note – a buddy compared Cowboy Basketball post-Eddie to Nebraska Football post-conference move, incredible comparison. Once proud programs fell on hard times. Cowboy Basketball is winning at 56.3 percent while Nebraska is at 49.2 percent. When you consider the filler in basketball schedules in the nonconference, it’s probably very similar. • Cowboy Wrestling is up to No. 2 in the country after the Mizzou win (PFB) • RIP Toby Keith – that time the Sooner songwriter went to Joe’s after a Cowboy win in Bedlam (Sellout Crowd) • The Cowboys return serious firepower for the 2024 season – No. 4 in the country per ESPN’s stats: Returning Production Percentages TEAM RET PROD RET OFF (RK) RET DEF (RK) 1. Va. Tech 86% 95% (1) 77% (12) 2. Iowa St. 85% 90% (2) 80% (5) 3. Nebraska 77% 76% (23) 78% (9) 4. Oklahoma St. 77% 79% (15) 74% (14) • ICYMI – Five Thoughts from OSU’s win over No. 5…

The twitter article is something I want no part of. SMU joining the Big 12 wouldn’t bother me. But the Big 12 should want NOTHING to do with the California State government which is what you inherit by bringing in Cal. I think in 10 years, the Big 10 will completely regret including UCLA (not USC) into their conference, and the adding of Cal to the ACC will cause a major schism in the ACC. NIL, Athletic equity, etc. are all topics that are going to be legislated at the state levels, and pretty soon Florida State is going to find out that they have to pay their backup women’s volleyball player the same as their starting QB because they are tied at the hip to the most liberal and happy-to-interfere state government in the country.