Daily Bullets (Jan. 1): Bet on the Pokes, Is Kasey Dunn Staying??

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A very happy new year from PFB – may your days be as fruitful as a Spencer Sanders-Chuba Hubbard zone read. Enjoy all of the bowl games on today! Bullets Rundown • Bet on the Pokes (against the spread) • Inky’s bat was legendary • Expectations and enjoying the Pokes OSU Bullets • Woe – is Kasey Dunn staying? • This is kind of wild – if you bet against the spread on the Pokes, they were the best bet in college football in the 2010s. Against the spread, OSU took the top spot in college football, with a record of 79-51. In case you’re wondering, Connecticut was the least-profitable college football team, going 42-77-3 against the spread. Having served as OSU’s coach for the last 15 seasons — and thus, the entire decade — Mike Gundy was rated as the best college football coach for against-the-spread betting. [NewsOK] • It’s hard to overstate how impressive Pete Incaviglia’s bat was in Stillwater. He still owns the record for home runs in a college career (100). It all starts with Incaviglia. The Cowboys slugger had a final season for the ages, blasting 48 home runs behind a 1.140 slugging percentage in…

“May your days be as fruitful as a sanders-Chuba zone read”??? Hurtful. I watched the bowl game, and I’m not sure what we did to you but wishing for us to metaphorically gets 0 yards on 4th and 1 all the time is just mean.:cowboy_hat_face:

Another reason for the struggle, part of you realizes you are talking to an imaginary being.