Daily Bullets (Jan. 15): Marcus Watson Not Done (Yet), 2020 = 2011 or 2017?

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How would you like to be the student who applied to be an assistant baseball coach the same year Robin Ventura did? Bullets Rundown • Don’t put a pin on Marcus Watson situation (yet) • 2020 Football more like 2011 or 2017? • Solid projection for Cowboy Basketball into the 20s OSU Bullets • I’m not sure if it’s worth holding out hope but Mike Boynton says it’s not over yet with freshman Marcus Watson. OSU coach Mike Boynton said everything is still being determined. “I don’t know if this thing is final,” Boynton said Monday afternoon before practice. “He hasn’t gone to another school. He hasn’t started classes somewhere else. So, I still think we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern. “We can’t use his scholarship now, so we’re not going to replace him at this point.” [NewsOK] You know how they do the All-NFL retired team each year? At some point, we could have a former Cowboys under Boynton team. Here’s a mildly researched roster: Point guard: Zack Dawson, USF Shooting guard: Michael Weathers, Texas Southern (last we heard) Small forward: Davon Dillard, Shaw Power forward: Maurice Calloo, Indian Hills Center: Kentrevious Jones, McNeese State Sixth…

Davon Dillard does not appear to have played a game for Shaw this season.

I was able to track him down to a Canadian professional league:


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Interesting to see the fruit that dropped off the Boynton tree has ended up at lackluster schools. Never heard of Shaw.

Interesting! It looks like you’re right, thanks for sharing.