Daily Bullets (Jan. 21): A Culture That Doesn't Scare Off Chuba Hubbard

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Enjoy the pep rally today at noon if you’re around Stillwater. Bullets Rundown • Culture that lures Chuba back (or doesn’t stop him from returning) • Fun thoughts on Cade Cunningham • Unfun thoughts about Cowboy Basketball OSU Bullets • While there are fair criticisms about Mike Gundy, there’s one undeniable quality about his program that is apparently terrific for those involved. But you can’t control wins and losses. Not even someone as supremely talented as Hubbard can do that. What can be more controlled is the kind of atmosphere surrounding the program. The vibe in the locker room. The relationship between players and coaches. The expectations for everyone. Gundy has worked hard for years to develop all of that. He calls it The Cowboy Culture, and while it’s a bit ethereal – you can define it but not quantify it – it isn’t a bunch of touchy-feely mumbo jumbo either. [NewsOK]   When you see the third wave of stars return to play together, you can’t deny that there’s something that made it appealing. It’ shard to imagine players returning to a toxic environment. Thank goodness for a culture that encourages guys capable of this to come back. Chuba…

Cowboy Culture:. I suppose you would like to see a better record against top 25 teams. OSU only wins two out of every five games it plays against the top 25. But again, many of those came in the early days of the Gundy era when OSU was lousy. The “when OSU and opponent are ranked” record doesn’t exactly flip the narrative, though. Publishedd 2 years ago on August 25 By Kyle Porter


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