Daily Bullets (Jan. 24): OSU's Longshot Odds on the Big 12 Title, Price Drop on Some Tickets

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Sign me up for Boone’s take here on trying something like Underwood did. Bullets Rundown • OSUs longshot odds on the Big 12 title • Prices went down on (some) football tickets • Big jump of Cowboy defense OSU Bullets • This was a bit surprising – here are the current odds you can get on who will win the Big 12 in football in 2020: BetOnline didn’t release conference-championship odds. But SportsBettingDime has the Big 12 odds this way: 1. Oklahoma 9/5 (sounds about right) 2. Texas 5/1 (seems a little optimistic) 3. Iowa State 6/1 (the Cyclones have established expectations) 4. Baylor 7/1 (unknown; lots of new players and a new coaching staff) 5. Oklahoma State 8/1 (seems a little pessimistic) [NewsOK] I’d be willing to bet the shirt on my back that OSU gets there before Iowa State does. It’s a bit surprising that OSU’s odds are almost twice that as Texas – sign me up for that action! • For some – the price of football tickets will drop this year (more details here). For others, the required donation rose (myself included). But the calculated gamble I’m interested in still is moving the band. Also, sections…

When talking about odds of winning the conference Gundy’s history has to come into effect. An unknown is always better odds than a sure fail.
Not a single other coach was in this conference when we won the title. The kids Gundy is recruiting were in the 3rd grade when he won the conference. Other teams are making changes to get better, but we don’t want to get better, we just don’t want to get as bad as we once was. Anyway we’ve been told we were one of the best ten teams in the last 10 years. ( Not sure where they put that trophy)

“…we’ve been told we were one of the best ten teams in the last 10 years.”
Dude, no matter how lamely pessimistic and how much a Gundy-hater you are, you’re surely not too maladjusted to understand those are just stats…facts…you know - stuff you can’t invent?!?
I sure wish I could convince you to take up another hobby besides trolling around on these comments…