Daily Bullets (Jan. 30): Pokes Head to Lawrence Tonight, Steelers Intend to Retain Rudolph

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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. OSU Bullets • Previewing tonight’s matchup against the Jayhawks in the Phog (PFB) • Pittsburgh Steelers’ owner notes that he plans to retain Mason Rudolph in 2024 (CBS Sports) • Terrific read from Saturday – how the 2001 plane crash changed an OU fan (SelloutCrowd) • Another quote from Mike Boynton on the discontent around Cowboy Basketball – suppose the question here is if people are angry or apathetic. Boynton’s hill to climb is towards engagement over apathy. “I like that people, not that they want to call for my job, but that they expect our program to be good,” Boynton told The Oklahoman. “That’s where this is borne out of, right?” [NewsOK] • Could A.J. Green be the lightning to Ollie Gordon’s thunder? (NewsOK) • Fun to see these Cowboy coaches getting after it. Whatever is causing you to drag this morning, @CowboyWrestling Coach Celebrations is the cure. pic.twitter.com/oYHDtw4mRm— Gif Tannen :cowboy_hat_face: (@gif_tannen) January 29, 2024 Non-OSU Bullets • Extreme brainstorming questions to trigger new, better ideas • Four-hour rule on getting creative work done• A little cheesy but love a Lonesome Dove quote –…

if the Steelers want to retain Mason they need to PAY him and somehow convince him that he has an honest shot at QB1. As to the the latter IMO the Steelers history of fu#king him over is going to make it very hard to convince Mason that they are on the up and up this time. At least it would be that way with me if I were him.


This team lacks athleticism and quickness. Nobody can blow by anybody for a basket.

Could get beat by 30

Pickett obviously is NOT the guy. He’s been in a much better position from the start than Rudolph was when the O-line was complete TRASH! As a long-time Steelers fan, Mason might out to look elsewhere, lot of QBs who are starting due to injuries to QB1 that aren’t very good. Sadly if Rudolph was with the 49ers and that offense he’d do as well if not better than Purdy IMO. Steelers better change their offense, but not sure that’ll happen with the new OC they just hired…former Atlanta HC. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: