Daily Bullets (Jan. 8): An Eight-Win Floor

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I’m not deep in the recruiting game but I need this four-star 2021 running back on campus (from the Chamber). Bullets Rundown • An eight-win floor • Poor shooting dooms • Boynton finds the silver lining OSU Bullets • Here’s a solid take on why OSU will win between eight and ten games in 2020: Honestly, with Spencer Sanders in year two I think returning either of those two guys was going to guarantee that OSU made a big leap on offense in 2020 and now they’re assured of having at least one of them. On defense, OSU played some pretty solid ball in the defensive backfield with their new dime approach. Next year they return disruptors Amen Ogbongbemiga and Trace Ford and a variety of big DL (Israel Antwine) that might be much closer to solid after another offseason. I think Gundy still has things working at their normal level in Stillwater and that with a more savvy Sanders behind center we’ll see an 8-10 win kind of team. [Concerning Sports] It’s hard to imagine this next iteration not going for at least eight wins, right? • Marshall had some solid takes on the OSU/WVU game late Monday night…

If you’ve followed Zach Evans’ recruitment at all, you’ll know you don’t want to touch that mess with a 10 foot pole.

8 wins sounds about right for a guy who averages 5-3 in conference.

With the players we have coming back next season I would consider 8 wins to be another bad season.
9 will be respectable. 10 would be a good season. Beating OU would be a great season. Playing in the conference championship game, win or lose would be a great season. Anything less that any of the above suggests Gundy needs a lot of help and a cut in his salary. Big mistake with his contract. I would have based any big money on performance, not just showing up to coach. And if he balked at that kind of deal then let him hit the pavement and look for a new gig. We should not be afraid of Gundy leaving. There are good coaches out there. Dream big, don’t make big decisions based on fearing what might happen.