Daily Bullets (July 12): Possible Opponents for Oklahoma State in Week 1

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Also, Viktor Hovland is doing some work in Ohio this week.

If the Big12 doesn’t change course (and I honestly think it’s a huge if, and don’t really anticipate having a full season), I would LOVE to see us get a waiver to play week 0 against A&M!

For the purpose of payback, I guess? I personally want no part of playing another former conference team member. Ever again! Lost to Missouri in a bowl game. Lost to Texas A & M in a bowl game. I want someone like a South Carolina or an Arkansas or a Michigan State or someone different.

A loss to Missouri ? I thought we won that game

I’m going back to 2013 or 14. Chelf was driving the team for the game winning TD in the Cotton Bowl I think, and was sacked/stripped by Michael Sam. He returned it for a TD to add insult to injury. I sat next to Mizzou fans. They were horrible!!!

Mizzou fans are always horrible. They would break windows and destroy in the '80’s win or loose.

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I was thinking of 2 years ago in the bowl game and I remember the game you are talking about. That killed me !! We were going to score if we don’t turn the balm over
Yes they are horrible fans, almost as obnoxious as the goons

I’ve read a lot of stories on Missouri… turned into a very liberal school with a lot of turmoil