Daily Bullets (July 13): Cancel League Play and Let the Schedule Breathe, Would You Rather - BYU or At Florida?

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I’d take Florida over BYU any day of the week.

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I think the exposure of playing Florida is way better than playing byu. An sec opponent is always going to be a better look. As far as basketball, if the NCAA does not let us back in the post season than I hope the whole season gets cancelled.

Fck that I still want to see Cade play.

I like that idea of the season being cancelled if NCAA does not let us into the postseason. Is there still a chance for NCAA to remove the postseason ban against the Cowboys?

Why the hell would you want the season canceled? The NCAA is garbage but wanting the season canceled is a garbage take.

Seems like everyone has lost their sense of humor or just don’t understand sarcasm anymore.

Can’t tell with half the people that post on this site :man_shrugging: