Daily Bullets (July 16): Hovland is Having Himself a Rookie Year, Ed Orgeron Echoes Gundy (Months Later)

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Haven’t done a google search to see if Orgeron is getting roasted like Gundy for his comments, but I bet he’s not. Couple of reasons.

  1. Gundy made his remarks before Americans truly began to live with “the new normal” of COVID. I think that makes a huge difference. Now in late July, maybe Orgeron’s remarks are more pallet able.

  2. Coach O had the Heisman trophy winner, an SEC title, and the Natty for cache. Oklahomans don’t want to hear “running money through the state” from a guy coming off another disappointing season. Boone Pickens Stadium doesn’t need to hit max fan capacity for the team to go 8-4 or 7-5. I hate it but it’s reality: Bluebloods gonna blueblood.

Personality wise even before everything came out Gundy could be best described as aloof. That’s not Orgeron’s personality. In addition to the success, Orgeron is going to get more leeway because of his personality.