Daily Bullets (July 23): First-Season Sanders vs. First-Season Weeden/Rudolph, Gundy Winning In-State Battles

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Eskimo is racist but the lack of diversity at PFB is unacceptable. We need change we can believe in.

Hey Hey ho ho PFB has got to go.

People wanting Eskimo Joes to change their name really don’t have anything else to do with their free time? Sad life looking for things to be offended by. Couldn’t imagine being that miserable.

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The cancel culture isn’t going to stop. At what point is Eskimo Joe’s cartoon character so offensive? It’s sad when I think of what people are trying to turn the country into.
It’s like the Washington’s Football Logo. It was drawn by a Native American. Some find it offensive and some don’t. We are at a point that the very few are making the rules for the many. If we want to talk about an injustice besides “Eskimo Joe’s” Lets look at the Native Americans. People are talking reparations for descendants of slavery but what about Native Americans? The Immigrants slaughtered and stole their land. I still don’t see a movement on that…

Is Cancel Culture the new Woke which has already replaced PC to mean “things conservatives don’t like?”

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Are you aware of the lack of diversity on this site. Its all white and male. No female representation, no people of color, and no trans voices either.

This site needs to self cancel until this is addressed. I will protest everyday!

I wouldn’t think so. PC and Cancel Culture would be two completely different things. To me PC would be something a person knows to be wrong and words it correctly so it doesn’t offend someone in the conversation. The Cancel Culture is a whole different ball game.

How is this cancel culture? No one is calling for Eskimo Joe’s to be closed.

Eskimo Joe’s needs to be closed forever. The food is fatty, that leads to diabetes, which adversely effects people of color, which is racist.

The idea of the cancel culture isn’t to always get something closed.

What is your working definition of it then?

What is yours? You seem to have it preconceived.

Online activism aimed at causing someone economic harm.

Sounds about right…

So we agree, this is not cancel culture.

On Eskimo Joes?


By your very definition, it is.

Nah. This will have zero effect on their business either way.

Really? The inventory? The changing of signs, logos, advertising etc… Where do you think it wouldn’t cost them money?