Daily Bullets (July 25): Most Viewed of the Week, Filling the Cowboys' Schedule Hole, Pokes' Madden Rankings

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Diversity at PFB staff is so important for our culture.

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Kyle Boone needs to double his efforts to get Gundy fired and to confiscate and redistribute his wealth. We also can’t be talking about poor race relations without mentioning there is not one female or person of color on the PFB staff. Really sad and it looks like OAN… seriously. Wait OAN has female journalists which makes this staff look like an OU fraternity.

Eat the Rich!

I mean burning down buildings is fun and all but geez guys plastic water bottles?

Anti-racism is a must!

“Woul\d you rather have: non-confernce play with a fill-in for Oregon State? Or play ten games (nine league games plus one for non-league play) and pick a non-conference game at any other point in the open schedule?“

OSU should play Bama week one and show everyone they aren’t afraid of competition. You don’t get better or have a chance of beating OU in the future without tougher scheduling.

I think everyone should be careful here. Everyone thought the 2017 team was going to win the Big 12 or be the runner up and they didn’t even get to that point. Every should expect an 8-4 season and 4th place finish.

See it as something to be expected and if it ends up being better then that’s cool. Don’t expect a 10-2 or 11-1 out of this team and be disappointed by an 8-4 finish. Then you don’t leave yourself any room to be disappointed.

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