Daily Bullets (July 26): Are We Looking at a Big 12-SEC Partnership?

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And more on how the season is being affected by COVID-19.

OSU v. Miami on Sept 26th sounds good to me if they can work it out and it’s safe.

If OSU plays Miami it would be awesome for it to air on Fox and have Jimmy Johnson (who works for Fox and coached at both schools!) do the coin flip/ commentary!

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This one rhymes

Now replace precinct with OSU.


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“You don’t have to agree with someone’s political or social views to appreciate when that person gives a ■■■■ about the world, as Hubbard clearly does. It is inspiring to see that in anyone, let alone someone so young and so perceptive as to understand that his platform amplifies his voice.”

It’s not about people not giving a ■■■■ about the world. Some people have a different perspective on how to change the world. I don’t agree with everyone’s political or social views, but I also don’t try to shove mine down other people’s throats. Give me the evidence and facts on how you’re perspective will make things better. That’s all people ask. You can’t get pissed off when another person doesn’t support any of you’re views and then try to shame them into it. That strategy will totally backfire (as that is what’s currently happening).


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I’ve seen enough “why Chuba mad?” posts on this board to know that what I write here will not change anyone’s mind. So this response isn’t for you, it’s for anyone else reading that may appreciate another person’s view on the context of the Chuba situation.

Chuba doesn’t have to justify anything to you or me. You don’t have to agree with how he did it, but remember that he has grown up in a society and culture with numerous built-in advantages for white people that people of color do not have the same access to. By pushing the issue publicly, during the context of some of the most massive public protests against racial injustice that we’ve seen since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, he has inspired other players at other programs to feel comfortable doing the same. Mike Gundy and his staff may not hold explicit hate in their hearts towards people of color, but they are complicit in big-time systems that absolutely favor white people over people of color. And until you’re willing to open your mind to the notion that people of color in North America have lived a different experience than white people, that they’re justified in their feelings the same way that you are justified in yours, you’ll forever be spinning your wheels wondering what the fuss is about. If Chuba says that OSU isn’t welcoming to students of color, it doesn’t matter how welcoming it seems to you or me - it still doesn’t feel welcoming to him, and there are steps that can be taken (and have been taken) to make OSU a more inclusive community. It also doesn’t mean that OSU is awful to students of color or that Chuba is completely unappreciative of his opportunities. And we’re seeing that Gundy and other various OSU staff are open to changes and WANT to make things better for students of color.

Again, this post is for folks interested in another perspective on the context of Chuba’s actions, not fodder for arguments.