Daily Bullets (July 29): What You Need to Know about Big 12 Expansion, Collin Oliver is Big Time

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The 24/7 article says if the ACC is serious about possible expansion " SMU and West Virginia appear to be the most viable options". The ACC has it’s own problems. FSU and Clemson are both clamoring for a bigger conference money split and trying to wiggle out of the ACC to go to the SEC. If those two schools leave the conference would be much like the PAC - lead teams missing and limited geography. Not good in today’s environment. I’m not sure WVU would jump at an offer from the ACC.

Wv cant afford to leave they would not get tv revenue for 5 years and have to pay 80 million… yes the 80 million could be low but no one is get them the revenue money.
Acc is 19 million and big 12 is 31.

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I heard this morning that a deal with Arizona to join the Big 12 could be announced as early as this week.