Daily Bullets (July 3): Gundy's Job Stability Secured, Sleeping on Boynton's Pokes

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This is probably Coach Boynton’s first public mis-step on Twitter. Having the top recruit in America gives you no guarantees. Most coaches would not respond this way. They might tuck it away for motivation. Because Coach Boynton should know by now that all kinds of things can go wrong…injuries, suspensions and just a team not gelling. Better to speak quietly when it comes to predictions and let the playing do the talking. So what happens if things go wrong and we do go 7-11, should Coach Boynton be fired? Just not smart to comment on this one.

I know Dylan Galloway isn’t on the team anymore, but you should still be able to get his name right. (That was your main complaint against Gundy after all, wasn’t it?)

My sentiments exactly.

How long do you think it will take them to catch their mistake? We’re at 2 hours so far.

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PFB admit to making a mistake. What day is hell scheduled to freeze over. I follow PFB for information on OSU but find the blog to be more and more an opinion site instead of a sports blog. Keep hoping they get back to sports someday.

That article, albeit old on Cunnigham and Likele pairing well together got me excited! I can’t wait to see what that duo can do, the whole team really. I just worry there won’t be a college basketball season, or at least a full one which is unfortunate

It’s nothing short of a war crime that out of 56 movie’s to watch the weekend of the Fourth of July the Sandlot didn’t make the cut.