Daily Bullets (July 31): Big 12 the Lone Straggler With a Decision, OSU Running Back Mt. Rushmore

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Bob Fenimore!

The RB “Mt Rushmore” is simply reflected in the retired jersey numbers highlighted on our current helmets: Fenimore, Miller, Sanders and Thomas.


We should probably tear down Mt. Rushmore. It’s very triggering for a lot of us.

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Kendal Hunter would have been the all time leading rusher if he didn’t get injured in 2009 and missed the majority of the season.


You’ve swayed me - you can’t go wrong with the Blond Bomber.

No doubt. Fenimore’s the first one I noticed missing. Two-time All-American, 1945 season: 3rd in Heisman voting, NCAA rushing leader, #1 overall draft pick. He’s from the “olden days”, but that’s awesome for his time.