Daily Bullets (July 6): OSU's Athletic Competitiveness Ranked, OSU's New Red-and-White Rival

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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. Three Thoughts • Not sure if this is a direct correlation to projects like the Athletic Village but OSU being an athletic department with the sixth-most competitive group of teams in the country has to at least be in part related to those financial investments (X) The @TexasLonghorns lead the way with an impressive 70.25 pts per team. This is roughly equal to an 8th place finish on average for each team.@Vol_Sports with a strong showing as well as both UTs scored points in 20/20 sports. @GoStanford the largest school to make the list. pic.twitter.com/FHmYDaQmkb — Directors’ Cup Updates (@Direct_Cupdates) July 3, 2024 • I’m fascinated by the idea of a red-and-white state school being OSU’s new rival – the parallels are more similar than different but the potential for solid games is clearly there. An official rivalry with Texas Tech would be awesome too. Similar to Oklahoma State, Utah’s coaching legend is currently running the ship. Kyle Whittingham took over at Utah in 2004 and has led the Utes to a 162-79 record since. He has earned wins in a Fiesta Bowl, a Sugar Bowl,…

If OSU were to have a new “rival” in the Big 12 (a term I’m using loosely), it would probably be Texas Tech. Similar schools with some history and some animosity with Tech accusing OSU of stealing their traditions and mockingly calling us Xerox U.


That Tulsa World part about recruiting classes in the 20’s…we’ve been screaming this for years!


The problem that OSU has had is that the higher ranked recruits seem to have an ego that does not do well in OSU’s style of recruit development (heads are a little too big for the helmet.) The 2 and 3 star recruits seem to do better when being coached. The 2&3 star guys also do not seem to have the problems in the college environment that we have seen with some 4 and 5 star recruits. As I recall Barry Sanders was one of those “only 3 star recruits”.


Really. This is the first time ive heard it. I have really dnt think about cowboys there all 5 stars to me.

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Tech would love to have our success the last 15 years or so. I know we had an 8 game winning streak against them at one time McGuire is in his 5th? year ? They are spending lots of money That’s what I hate about conference reshuffling, you don’t keep rivalries

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Gundy has owned Texas Tech. Beats them nearly 80% of the time. Before Gundy Texas Tech had a lopsided advantage in the series.

Gundy for the win!