Daily Bullets (June 15): Dez's High School Highlight Reel, Malcolm Rodriguez Tested Positive

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! OSU Bullets • The NCAA decision to punish Oklahoma State for the Lamont Evans’ situation brings up an interesting point – is there a better way to punish? It presents a big-picture question: Is there a way to retroactively punish a school without negatively impacting future players? Can the NCAA be more punitive financially – perhaps make a school forgo revenue generated from a postseason run – without taking away student-athletes’ opportunities to play? [TheScore] It’s hard to retroactively punish and to make a school feels the negative effects. But I think it makes sense to punish a school financially – say with a % of revenue from the most recent year. • Malcolm Rodriguez tested positive for COVID (as did a walk-on wide receiver) • Dez playing high school football is incredible. .@DezBryant's high school highlight tape is unreal. The last catch will leave you like :scream: (:movie_camera: via @MaxPreps) pic.twitter.com/7bIgJYye0H — CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) June 14, 2020 • Another former Cowboy landed a wrestling head-coaching job • I could go for that polo in the background on…

@PistolsFiring I don’t understand why Kyle Boone would go out of his way to tweet a picture of Gundy wearing an OAN shirt. Is it a good look for Gundy? No. Am I a fan of OAN? No. But it doesn’t automatically mean he’s whatever you’re trying to make him look like (racist? Stupid? narrow minded?)

For someone who runs an OSU FAN BLOG, it can’t be good for business to be so anti-Gundy and give opposing recruiters ammo.

Whooo boy that blew up quick. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Gundy get the boot