Daily Bullets (June 19): Gundy Brings the Leadership, Filming an All-Access Series

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! OSU Bullets • The kind of leadership and humility it took for Mike Gundy to make these comments is sure to impact the viewer. “The way the players feel about me, and I upset them and broke their heart, that bothered me more than losing games,” Gundy said. “That’s the truth, but that’s why now, as humans, when we make mistakes, the only thing we can do is admit we’re wrong, own up to it, be humble, accept critical people, criticism, make it better and move forward.” [ESPN via PFB] I’m curious about what exactly the players want, as to how exactly Oklahoma State was mistreating players. I’m not at all interested in minimizing the negativity of the players’ experience, I just think that impacts how we all feel and think about the situation. When pressed for specifics on ESPN’s First Take, here was Chuba Hubbard’s response: “I won’t go into complete specifics on exactly what we want changed as a team, but I’ll say this, we want a better experience for Black student-athletes and we want to encourage…

I’m not ready to start commending Gundy for his leadership. His first step seems positive, but he’s in survival mode. I can’t call that leadership. When I see some consistent proactive actions, I’ll be first in line to praise his leadership.

It’s amazing to me that people are on Gundy or Chuba. I wish these people would share that inside information they MUST possess. Gundy has his players backs as far as I’m concerned.

I as well would like to know what transgressions are occurring at oSu athletics. It must be serious to warrant such a response from the players and people on social media.

Gundy can’t be in a position to help if the opposition can’t explain with verifiable reason or logic what needs to be changed.

Maybe Chuba did do that and Gundy did understand in their conversation with each other. Maybe that is between them and no other outside media sources need to be concerned with it.

I hope they both do fine and establish a great working relationship and friendship among each other. I don’t think putting Gundy on the burner with the media and the rest of the sports world was a great way to start.

Now with that being said it’s all past that point now. Now we get to see if this is a unifying moment for this team in the 2020 season or if it’s going to cause internal problems leading to a poor 2020 season.