Daily Bullets (June 21): A Wild Week in Stillwater Comes to a Close

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Wrapping up one of the biggest roller coasters in modern OSU history.

You really need to just openly state that you will be dancing in the aisles when MG is fired. This passive aggressive BS that you spout is downright nauseating. Explain to me and your avid readers why an OAN reporter wearing an OSU t shirt is not great. Is OAN endorsing OSU? Should we ban all sales of OSU apparel to only people with direct ties to the university, i.e. students, faculty, boosters etc. Maybe you need to vette every purchase to make sure they are loyal and true but also believe and see things as you do. Did you talk to her ask why she was wearing the shirt or are you ASSUMING that it is a conspiracy to ramp up the rhetoric. This is exactly why social media can be so damning. A picture can say a number of things to a number of people. An opinion based on innuendo, supposition, hearsay or unknown facts or reasons can be more harmful and detrimental than the truth. Ask anyone who has been accused publicly but when the truth comes out there is never an apology. This is not a sports blog this in editorial rag used to spout your own agendas. It really is a waste of Internet space and there is an awful lot of that going around. I think I need to continue reading because you sir need to be watched. You can be dangerous even without saying anything at all.


Ok so an OAN person has a OSU shirt on and wants to talk to OSU Gundy and others about their views and you don’t think that is good. Well I guess life comes at you fast doesn’t it as you only have yourself to blame because you started this whole %#($ show in the first place.

This isn’t passive/aggressive. This is simply balancing the good with the bad and seeing all sides to an issue. Which is what good journalism does. I don’t agree with the way everything has been covered but I’m not ready to proclaim that PFB will be “dancing in the aisles” when Gundy is gone. Trust me when I say that if this week ultimately strengthens a program with a roster capable of winning a Big 12 title this year, all of this will have been worth it. Might be worth it regardless of the overall record to end this upcoming season. Look at it this way: we ALL want the best for Oklahoma State University: Academics, athletics, leadership, community, ability to better the world around us. We may all look back someday and say this week was what was desperately needed. Growth is almost never a comfortable process and requires sacrifice and courage. Chuba’s courage to ask for change. Gundy’s humble sacrifice of foresaking ego and asking for forgiveness. Forget what the National media is trying to peddle. Let this be a lesson to us all. Be better. Do better. I have problems with Gundy as much as the next man but it stems more from his Bedlam record and missed opportunities in championship games and his attitude towards recruiting and his insistence on altering the offense and QB decisions. I can only judge him based on what my eyes tell me. Which is why I can’t judge his relationship with his players. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt through one more season based on what has transpired. Thank you @kyleporterCBS for the work you and staff continue to do.

P.S. Tried posting a pic of me rocking my PFB shirt but it wouldn’t work.


Sesationalizing everthing that appears to be wrong about Gundy in one persons opinion without (at the very least) detailing some of the good is skewed journalism, bias editorializing and passive aggressive behavior at its finest. Let’s see, a t shirt that carries a logo that not everyone likes (damning) a 31 year old racial slur allegation that was publicly denied at the time and he still denies to this day (two strikes), comments by former players about statements made during practice or about their effort or appearance (3 strikes). Get the tar and feathers boys. It’s time to run the man out of town on a rail. Sounds like a racist to me. Please forgive my poor Oklahoma upbringing. I don’t buy what your trying to sell.

Where is there any mention of the good he has accomplished. I’m not talking about his record, bowl streak or any of the on field accomplishments. How many hundreds of young men have a college degree because of him and his staff. How many young men, regardless of color, have the ability to have better life than their ancestors. Do I wish we had a better Bedlam record. Hell yes. Could I or any of the other Sunday quarterbacks that complain about it do any better. Doubtful. If asked how many 5 stars we should sign each year. My answer would be 25. But then I would take off my PFB rose tinted glasses and look at the real world and realize your dealing with 18 year olds that see only BCS or NFL and so they will pick Alabama, Clemson, USC, the other OSU and yes even that little school a little further south on I-35.
Is he perfect. No. Has he made mistakes. Yes. Will he learn from them. I’m sure he has and will continue to learn each day of his life. Put yourself in his shoes, in his situation before you condemn him. Life is not perfect. I want and expect good unbiased non-sensalized journalism. Who knows maybe that style will come back. I don’t see it on CNN or the other networks and I definitely don’t see it on PFB.

It would be difficult to find a non-Robert Allen outlet that has praised and lauded Gundy more for what he’s done over the last 15 years than we have.

Yes, Robert Allen is pro-Mike Gundy. I am sure he has his reasons based on what he has seen or experienced over the years. He also comes across in his articles and over the air as fair and factual. If not I haven’t seen or heard it. Enlighten me if that is not the case. He has been and can be biased. If he had been all one sided in this instance I would have told him my opinion also. I am not for or against MG. I believe in fair and accurate reporting. I am for OSU. I was born in Stillwater. I bleed Orange from birth.
I don’t normally comment but this circus atmosphere that surrounds OSU and it’s football team has gotten ridiculous. In my view you did not report all the facts and were biased and opinionated in what you wrote.
Social media is a powerful medium and can create good and bad responses depending on how posts are written and perceived. Chuba spoke up. Good for him. Could he have done it better. He admitted he could and should have and I agree. Did you comment about that. You only praised him for speaking up not how his message was received or perceived. Gundy spoke up and stated he erred and again I agree. You came across as critical, continued to document his shortcomings. You wrote about his unavailability at times. Put yourself in his shoes for a day. Meetings, recruiting, game planning, etc. He estimates over 200 people in his organization (coaches, players, support staff). If he spent 2 minutes with each one every day that is over 6 2/3 hours. That is just in the department. What about his outside schedule. Of course he is unavailable. Can he do better, I’m sure he can and will. My opinion is this whole situation was handled very poorly by ALL parties. You have repeatedly talked about abuse of power. Don’t abuse yours.

I would absolutely agree with that. For the most part, I think your coverage of Gundy as well as other Oklahoma State sports is very fair. Just because I disagree with some things doesn’t mean the coverage was unfair or imbalanced. Keep in mind though, how VERY VERY FEW outlets for OSU sports that exist. Wish more alumni had the time, interest, talent and resources to create multiple versions of what you’ve created through PFB.

Here is what I like about Gundy:

  1. He runs a clean program
  2. He keeps OSU football bowling
  3. He has an eye for talented assistant coaches (most of the time)
  4. He’s consistently displayed discipline within the program
  5. He’s always praised players or taken up for them when the media tries to destroy them

Here is what I dislike about Gundy:

  1. He seems egoistical at times
  2. He has difficulty adjusting or changing schemes
  3. His Bedlam record is terrible
  4. His recruiting could probably be better
  5. He should have more conference titles

There are pros and cons to every person. The pro with Gundy is you don’t have to necessarily worry about too many off the field issues with his players or if he has the football program under control. The con is his recruiting has gotten worse and I don’t think we’ll see another CC in his tenure as the HC.

He’s not my most favorite person in the entire world, but I don’t think he deserved to have his name slung all over social media for the OAN shirt and forced to bow for his job. I’m not against Chuba for what he believes (Although I think he should educate himself more on his position). Chuba shouldn’t have ASSUMED Gundy was a firm believer in what OAN stands for.

There is a time and place for everything. The problem could have been solved at the lowest level possible. But like many in the younger generation today (I’m only 35 and I’m talking like a Boomer) they feel a need to post EVERYTHING on social media. The communication could have been just between both Chuba and Gundy. Chuba actually realized this AFTER the fact.

If I’m in Chuba’s shoes and my coach brushes me off? Fine then!! I’ll just elevated to the next higher level. Eventually someone in the chain is going to listen to me. I don’t know what EXACT change Chuba is speaking of because he hasn’t publicly stated anything. Hopefully this all dies down a little, but I’m almost certain it will be talked about the entire season.

You guys want Gundy fired? I’m not totally against it, but I’m also waiting to see how this season plays out. I would say if he pulls an 8-5 again with these returning players then all options are on the table.

I always rag on grungy all the the time and thought it was time to move on from him 3 years ago but I can’t can’t believe my American eyes on what’s going on right now. I do know the left are taking you rights as an American at the same telling you they are fighting for it. Wake up people really look in to it. Scary times.

Since Kyle and Kyle want to jump in this fire Gundy bandwagon they can go ahead and advertise/endorse this website here on PFB.