Daily Bullets (Mar. 12): Kansas City Neutralized for the Pokes

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Make sure to take a late lunch and catch the 1:30pm showing of Pokes and Jayhawks. Bullets Rundown • KC neutralized for the Pokes • Self on no fans • PFF loves the Pokes but not Chuba Scores • MBB: Pokes 72, Iowa State 71 • SB: Cowgirls 5, Wichita State 0 • BB: Pokes 7, St. Louis 1 OSU Bullets • OSU’s in for a unique advantage today when they take on the Jayhawks. “I guess it’s going to feel like a scrimmage,” said OSU center Yor Anei. Maybe. Who knows what it’s going to feel like? None of us — not players, not coaches, not fans, not media — have experienced something like this. Especially a brand like Kansas, playing in an event like the Big 12 Tournament, without the usual 10,000 Jayhawk fans making the Sprint Center roar. [NewsOK] To avoid the nasty road environment in Kansas City is a huge win for the Pokes. I’m still not positive there won’t be a roar coming from the Power and Light across the street (a large crowd would totally defeat the purpose of fans not being let in) but the crowd effect will be minimized. • Bill Self…

No way that OSU has 4 of the Top 10 returning players in the Big 12. I mean, we only recruit poorly . . . .

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That PFF top 10 loves itself some Safeties! 2 for TCU and 2 for OSU in the top 10 returning Big 12 players. WOW! OSU and TCU ought to be holding teams under 10 points. I’m sure there’s some mathematical reason their advanced metrics are skewed toward Safeties. All things considered though, should be a good year to be an OSU fan.

unless you’re a Gundy hater.

That may be a slight to Chuba, but I’ll take it! Don’t just give me Chuba back this year, give me Chuba back with a chip on his shoulder!

And the team that will win the Big 12 doesn’t have any!