Daily Bullets (Mar. 2): Monuments Coming, Cam's Greatest "What-If"

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Back at it after a weekend on the slopes – thanks to Porter for covering, make sure to hit up Ski Santa Fe if you’re looking for a cheap spring break. Breakdown • Monuments coming • Seniors commemorated • Cam’s what-if Scores • BB: Pokes 8, Texas A&M 5 in Frisco Classic • SB: Cowgirls 5, Drake 0 • MT: Wake Forest 4, Cowboys 3 OSU Bullets • Here’s an exciting comment from the TulsaWorld’s Bill Haisten – monuments for two of the best Pokes appear imminent: From those responses, there is the informed speculation that within the next 20 months or so, there will be (Barry) Sanders and (T. Boone) Pickens monuments. It makes sense that both statues would be positioned immediately beyond the west end of the stadium. [TulsaWorld] • Marshall had a great piece on the OSU seniors over the weekend – John Helsley wrote a good piece on the seniors too • This may be the greatest “what-if” about this senior class of basketball players. (Cam McGriff’s) not one of the all-time greats, but man I wish he’d been allowed to be the fourth- or fifth-best guy on a Big 12 title-winning and No. 2 seed…

If they want to discourage the fake injuries in CFB as the article suggests then it is simple to me. If you’re injured and trainers come onto field, you have to stay off field for the duration of the series. I realize some may say “well what about a legit injury?” Well, if you’re actually hurt then you shouldn’t be on the field if we care about player safety right?

As far as Lindy or Cam needing to become alpha leaders in order for the team to finish in top half of the conference, I think the team did not need that. What deprived the team of a decent placement was Ice being hindered by mono. That is not an illness that one recovers from in just a month. It has effected him for the rest of the season most likely. That was the main reason for the finishing so far down in the pecking order. Just another in a series of bad breaks for Mike Boynton and the seniors.

Seth is this the week where John allows a guy that hasn’t wrestled all season to rank for a starting spot just before the Big XII tourney? Ngl, that still chaps my a$$ a little.