Daily Bullets (May 28): All About the Stillwater Regional

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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. OSU Bullets • Cowboy Baseball landed a No. 11 seed overall and hosts quite a lineup in Stillwater for their regional: For those keeping track, the Stillwater Regional has three conference tournament champs and an SEC team that has hung around with some of the best teams in the country. [PFB] • HCS riffed on Doug Gottlieb taking a D1 job while still keeping his radio show – it’s a strong take but it does appear difficult to balance a coaching job with hosting a frequently aired radio show (HCS) • Notes on Stillwater Regional: – Winner of the Stillwater Regional plays the winner of the Clemson Regional with Clemson, Vanderbilt, Coastal Carolina, and High Point – just FYI (NCAA.com) – Florida is a surprise inclusion to the tournament, the committee rewarding a tough schedule (247 Sports) • Last year OSU rose from +2,800 odds to make it to the Big 12 title game in football – can you imagine what they can accomplish at just +1,200 this year? (CBS Sports) • A statistical simulation of the Stillwater Regional has the Pokes given a 57.5 percent…

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Big 12 was completely shut out of men’s golf match play. No school made Top 8.

Yikes !

Problem w/ that mozzie solution, Steven, is they’ll fly 1~3 miles away for our blood. So just around your yard isn’t gonna do a whole lot cause your neighbor might have a blocked-up gutter or some other container w/ standing water.

RE regionals, besides winning ours, we need one of those teams to upset Clemson in order to host a super regional!

WTH has happened that we are bottom tier in golf anymore. Do we need Holder to come back to get it back on top, Bratton or whatever his name is doesn’t seem to be cutting it ? I’m not a golfer but I do follow anything OSU ?