Daily Bullets (May 30): Most Viewed of the Week, Gundy's Ready to Make a Run

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Three Thoughts • Every once in a while, a Cowboy Football roster aligns (with) the stars and is poised to make a run. 2020 is that season. Mike Gundy is all in on this season. He’s returning arguably the best athlete in the league at QB, WR, and RB and now adds a top level guard, defensive tackle, cornerback, and a freak-level talent at wide receiver. [Concerning Sports] • With the Hall of Fame enshrinement being pushed back, it would have been crushing for Eddie to have passed between the two time periods (between when the ceremony would have been in August and next year). • I’m thankful to have read Mike Boynton’s well-spoken thoughts about the Minneapolis situation: :fist:t5::pray:t5::heart: Do Better. Be Better pic.twitter.com/1UdlgR7T8G — Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) May 29, 2020 Two Quotes • This was a hilarious anecdote about Eddie Sutton – he called Tony Allen out on a wild haircut. It was, of course, about more than a haircut. Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton was appalled from the moment he saw the hairstyle. It sure didn’t…

I could see FBS splitting into FBS I (Power 5 + Notre Dame) and FBS II (Group of 5 + Independents) where each have their own post season and national champion.

regarding the Concerning Sports article reviewing the B12 teams and their off-season transfers etc … OSU/Gundy really look good in comparison to the other B12 schools …impressively better in terms of ‘talent level’ and ‘balance (offense & defense) of additions’ to the team … it would be very hard for any OSU fan to not be pleased with what Gundy has done in the off season to upgrade overall talent on the field for 2020 by getting Hubbard and Wallace to return and via Transfer(s) … kudo’s to Gundy!


I’m sure I could name a couple of OSU fans in the chamber that would disagree with you :joy:

Yep … you are right … im sure there are more than a few who will think I have lost my marbles … :sunglasses:

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As much as I harp on the traditional recruiting, we seem to be really good at transfers and keeping NFL prospects am extra year.