Daily Bullets (Nov. 13): OSU Lands a QB Commitment, Old OSU Coordinator Let Go

@bruce4 I appreciate the discussion. This will be my last post with you on it.

This OSU program had won a Conf title & played in the Fiesta Bowl before Yurcich. Mike Gundy & T Boone built this program. Mike Yurcich was in Shippensburg. Mike Gundy & this program BUILT YURCICH. This program got him on at Ohio St & allowed him the resume to hang on longer than he should’ve. Mike Gundy & OSU did far more for Mike Yurcich than Yurcich did in 6yrs at OSU. He was a nobody before that.

That’s the last I’ll say on it with you. You get the last word. Appreciate the discussion

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Quote of the day goes to the guy that revives a 3 week old dead thread, posts a rebuttal paragraph then finishes with…

While you get the quote of the day, your favorite 2nd chance Sooner earns a scholarship and roster slot. Boomer!

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@ot1 Ironic that a guy complains about “reviving a three week old thread”………then proceeds to post a video from 9 years ago​:joy::joy::joy::joy: