Daily Bullets (Nov. 20): OSU as the Third-Biggest Big 12 Brand, Was it the Right Move to Pull Chuba?

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Pokes moved up to No. 21 in the CFP rankings Bullets Rundown • Bring the Notre Dame Camping World Bowl • Right move to pull Chuba? • OSU the third-biggest brand in B12? Scores • WBB: OSU 70, Idaho State 52 OSU Bullets • The Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame is definitely the best (sub-optimal, non-Sugar Bowl) bowl possibility for this year. Notre Dame continues to be the most intriguing and compelling matchup. Tramel thinks the Camping World would be more likely to take Texas or Iowa State — which is probably true, especially in the case of Texas — but the Alamo would also jump at the Horns, and ISU might still finish behind both teams #Win9Games. [PFB] Assuming OU losing to TCU in Norman is relatively off the table, the ideal scenario is for OSU to win out – effectively eliminating the Big 12’s (OU’s) playoff hopes – and Baylor to win out and the title over OU. This sends Baylor to the Sugar and OU to the Alamo, leaving the Pokes for the Camping World against an ACC/Notre Dame opponent that we haven’t faced recently. • Was it the right move for Mike Gundy to pull Chuba Hubbard…

Please dont ever say iowa state has a bigger stadium. It’s the same size as ours. We used to seat 60,000 but removed some seats to add some space. Iowa state 61000. Same thing and ours is really nice.

“After watching Alabama star Tua Tagovaiola go down in mop-up duty, Gundy sort of comes out looking like roses here, right?” To most reasonable people, yes. To the Gundy haters, most decidedly no. He cannot win with that crowd (and they seem to be growing). Some guy was making a case the other day that Gundy is what is keeping Chuba from winning it by not playing him enough. But, let him leave Chuba in one play too long and him get injured, and that will be Gundy’s fault too.


I think Gundy was probably right to pull Hubbard, ultimately the big picture of the team has to prevail over stat padding.

On the flipside, Saban wasn’t wrong to have Tua in doing a 2 minute drill to end the half. It’s a bit unfair to second guess that decision too.


That article on HCS is so telling! It’s so odd to me to compare how Gundy is viewed nationally to how some of our Gundy-hating “fanbase” talk about him. It’s nuts…the record speaks for itself.

No, it wasn’t right to pull Hubbard if you really want to win a Heisman. The positive press for the University having a Heisman Trophy winner dwarfs any other marketing strategy they could ever employ. Guys like Hubbard don’t come along often. It’s a tone deaf move to not let him run up some numbers and make it hard on the voters.

He’s not going to win it even if he had racked up 200+ on… Kansas.

You’re right as long as you except that OSU is a second layer school in the conference when talking about football, that should never beat OU or win the conference. Then Gundy is great. He’s going to win his first three games against nobody and beat the bottom half of the conference to get to 8 wins and hope for one more win and a bad team in a bowl. Then you’re too 10 wins and never beat a ranked opponent.

And if/when a Tua moment happens? What then…

You’re right…as long as you ignore pesky things like facts and his overall record. You should just ACCEPT that!

Put in the next running back. It’s football. Injuries happen. Wallace went down in practice. Should we never practice again? It’s a violent sport and injuries are part of it. Though certainly possible to sustain an injury at any time, it’s still not likely if we’re talking about just another 20 carries or so against McNeese St and Kansas. Barry Sanders had more carries than Hubbard did and by quite a bit, if I’m not mistaken. As I’ve said before, Hubbard is a low mileage running back. Run him!

You don’t know that. Not likely but not out of the question. I mean running backs have won the Heisman before.

Have you seen Burrow’s stats? On the #1 team… in the SEC… Yeah go ahead and tell yourself that Chuba has a chance :wink:

You’ve got to be kidding. Chuba is our offense–without him, we are dead in the water. You want to risk getting him hurt in a blowout win? We’ve still got three games to play. He’s not winning a Heisman even if he has 2200+ yards, playing on a likely 4-loss Big12 team. Running backs on top-tier, undefeated or one-loss teams can win it if they put of crazy numbers. This year, Joe Burrow has it sown up.

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Yeah, after the “put in the next guy” comment, I knew this conversation was a lost cause.