Daily Bullets (Nov. 26): Taking What Defenses Give Dru Brown, 2019's Defensive Turning Point

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Pokes landed another safety for the 2020 class yesterday – they’ve developed a pretty good eye for those. Also – just an FYI, comments are back (in a little different way). Bullets Rundown • Big 12 coach anonymously chats OSU offense • Tramel dives into OSU’s bowl picture • 2019’s defensive turning point OSU Bullets • Perspective from the competition is helpful – and this thought from another Big 12 coach on OSU’s offense tells you what’s most important to the Pokes. “Their O-line and Chuba Hubbard, that’s what they’re built around,” a Big 12 coach said. “They’re [15th] in the country in rushing. They’re all-in on it. I’m not saying that to downplay Sanders [being out], but I don’t think it will be a huge factor.” Oklahoma State likely will follow the Kansas State method against OU and try to dominate the line of scrimmage and possession time. Chris Klieman’s Wildcats had 45 rushes and held the ball for 38:08 in handling Oklahoma its lone loss. [ESPN+] Two things – that’s probably true but it also can’t be. Chuba Hubbard is and will continue to be the focal point of the offense. But per Gundy’s “take what the defense…

Notice how none of Tramel’s bowl scenarios for OSU include them actually WINNING Bedlam. Every one just assumes a loss. I get it based on past history, but it would sure be sweet to see him have to backtrack on that. He makes a big deal out of how he ranks teams based on what they’ve actually done and not on the “eye test”, which is good But, an OSU win would force him to have to rank us ahead of OU next week even though the official Big 12 standings would still have OU/Baylor 1-2.

The most important thing to do for a WVU road trip is knock out Primanti’s immediately. You have to go, but it’s very overrated and you should spend as much time eating better than that as possible.

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I use to feel the same way but after years and years and years of Gundy proving that he can’t win against OU, I totally understand why OSU gets no respect. Until OSU is willing to do something else this will always just be a loss.