Daily Bullets (Nov. 28): Mike Gundy on Texas, A Bad Offense Got Better

Originally published at: Daily Bullets (Nov. 28): Mike Gundy on Texas, A Bad Offense Got Better | Pistols Firing

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news. OSU Bullets • What Mike Gundy (and his players) had to say about this weekend’s matchup against Texas (PFB) • Couple of news updates: Trey Rucker was named Big 12 defensive player of the week, Cowgirl Softball’s 2024 schedule was released (PFB) • There are some bad wins in the Longhorns’ resume but that’s about the only hole – how Texas got to Arlington (PFB) • Berry Tramel calculates offensive and defensive efficiencies in the Big 12 – the Pokes finished the season with the No. 8 offense and the No. 5 defense. How do we account for a 7-2 finish in league play? Maybe culture leads to the bottom bullet on luck. I know, it seems like OSU’s offense hasn’t been all that consistent. And it hasn’t been. But the Cowboys ranked ninth in offensive efficiency last season, among the 10 Big 12 teams, and OSU’s 2022 rating was .258 So this was a major bump. [Sellout Crowd] • Cowboy target Kobe Black has pushed his signing date back from his original date, 11/29 (247 Sports $$$) • It’s hard to argue that the Pokes…

So based on the metrics that Berry Tramel cites, OSU’s offense is pretty mediocre. Perhaps the biggest reason for that is its inconsistency. I don’t want to beat the dead horse, but Kasey Dunn is so glaringly bad in his play calling. There may be a few series where the calls are really good and rare times when they are innovative, but then the rest of the time, they stink like the old pig farm on Western did. The difference is incredible. I know some on here have suggested that someone else is calling plays at times, and seems like it. One thing is for certain, if the Cowboys want to be consistently at the top of the new Big 12, they have to get the offense to be consistently in the top 3 of the conference. I don’t see that happening unless there is a change at coordinator.

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We lost 3 games. The defense in the isu game gave up to much. We had scored less then 27 in the other two games. Just scoring the 54 in stead of 10. Still has defense issues. In these two everyone is to blame.
Yes you guys hate dunn wish is fine. But his play call were not the reason.
Nardo has issues. Daniels is not play. They fixed oliver. Rucker is feast or famine. I dnt care what the offense does let schools score 30 plus you run a chance of losing.
You can run all the stats but cant explain those 3 or especially the 2 losses

Here’s my two cents:

  1. On playcalling - I think Dunn is average at best. But don’t forget that he ALSO is still the WR coach. And he is possibly the best WR coach who ever lived. We’ve been singing the praises of Rashod Owens and Leon Johnson and Brennan Presley, and two of those guys weren’t even our starters for half the year. Why is it that no matter what, our WR room is consistently busting at the seams with talent? That’s no accident. That’s not catching lightning in a bottle. That’s because of coach Dunn. If we could have our cake and eat it too, then the ideal scenario would be to hire a hotshot OC and have Dunn concentrate on what he does best. But that will never happen. So I understand Gundy’s predicament. Do you keep him because of what he brings to a critical part of your offense while hoping he will continue to develop as a play caller? (He is getting better I believe). Or do you cut him loose and also lose the best WR coach in football in the process?

  2. On Daniels - I personally feel like Daniels is in a sophomore slump. I too am seeing low effort at times, and so much was implied when it was reported in the BYU game that Nardo was trying to motivate him.

  3. On Rucker - Feast or famine - couldn’t describe him better myself.

  4. Defense as a whole - This defense is better than the sum of its parts. The statistics are misleading because they suck in the first half of games and they are lights out in the second halves. This squad, as it’s currently constructed, and with the same coach, has the capacity to be great. And I expect more improvement next year. I believe Nardo is a stud, he’s just learning the ropes in a big boy league.