Daily Bullets (Nov. 6): UCF Game Details, "With a Loss to the Pokes Etched Eternally on Their Souls"

Originally published at: Daily Bullets (Nov. 6): UCF Game Details, “With a Loss to the Pokes Etched Eternally on Their Souls” - Pistols Firing

OSU won the last Bedlam 27-24 on Saturday, November 4th, 2023.

So OSU is only a 1 point favorite over UCF? I think we just found some bulletin board material.

I thought I saw 2.5 pts…?? Either way they are predicting a close one.

UCF qb is shifty. He could give us some trouble with his legs.

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Something makes me think we piled up some injuries, and some people may not play.

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I don’t know, but I’m getting really sick of hearing the OU fans cry about the no call on Drake Stoops. I can count about 4 or 5 penalties that should’ve been called on OU that weren’t.

They all want to fire Lebby. They all ignore the 8.3 penalties, 2.3 turnovers, and 17.3 ppg over the last three games they’ve been giving up because of turnovers and penalties.

They just go ahead and ignore the fact that Lebby’s offense still averaged 470 yards of offense in those three games. They ignore the fact that Lebby isn’t the one out there snapping, passing, or carrying the football. I’m almost positive Lebby didn’t recruit the OU kicker as well.

I know not all OU fans think this way, but some of those bozos need a reality check.


That could be a possibility. They left it all on the field.

Exactly. If we’re going talk about no calls, how about when Bowman went into the sidelines and one of OUs personnel threw an elbow into him. That should’ve been 15 yards right there.
These OU fans act like that no call on Drake was the last play of the game. They had a quarter and a half to win the game and didn’t. Case closed.


Interesting that you picked the OU assistant coach to defend instead of the league leading OSU coaches that are taking us back to the title game for the 2nd time in 3 years

Bad calls happen to every team it was just OU’s turn this time tough toenails I say. Also think some Karma was involved, loving that thought.


I’ve said here before I think our coaching staff has done an excellent job turning it around. All I’m pointing out is the blatant stupidity and illogical reasoning from OU fans, and they don’t realize exactly how stupid they’re being. It’s been quite comical seeing the responses on the Sports Animal and social media all day today.

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Both teams got calls and both got away with stuff. The refs let ‘em play it out at the end. That’s the way it goes every game. Gooners just pissed there chance at a title is gone. Bunch of f-ing whiners.

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Tuck Fexas and OU…!!!

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To be fair, Lebby is a pos who never should have been hired at OU to begin with. As much as I hate OU, they don’t need to hire someone with his baggage (and no one should). I hope he loses his job, not because I care about OU football, but because he and Kendal Briles and the like don’t deserve the honor of coaching young men and representing universities.

But he fits OU perfectly with their history.

I never said he was a good human being. All I said was he’s probably being blamed unfairly by the OU fan base.

It’s almost, not quite but almost, impossible for him to see anything positive in Oklahoma State University.

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Instead of worrying about “being disrespected” or some such BS, I took OSU at -2.5 pts.

UCF is DEAD LAST in rush D giving up 269 yds in Conf play. Ollie alone might break UCF’s yards allowed.

Guess who else is bottom in rush D? Yup, Houston and Baylor. :slight_smile:

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Where’s Runny_Ketchup when you need him to defend Lebby’s “honor”? LOL