Daily Bullets (Oct. 25): Mike Gundy is Back to Winning, 'Wildly Entertaining' Season in Stillwater Continues

Well no his is only third best in big 12 history so far. Lmao. Its kinda open ended.
We have had coaches that left here and win nattys. I would say they were world beaters while here. They lost to bad teams. Johnson brought a lot of hype. Really didnt big the wins. Mad hatter has fans. But, really had issue that hurt us.
He is the greatest coach at osu. There is a fine line of balance at stillwater and does it. There are a lot of “ifs” out there.

Based upon the responses here, I can clearly see why OSU has one outright conference title in my lifetime. Too many of you are satisfied with the status quo. You think this season is right on track. It is not. Getting blown out by a team like South Alabama (and Iowa St.) is an embarrassment and unacceptable for a big time program.

I’ll give Gundy credit; before the Kansas St. game, I didn’t think this team could win 4 total games. It appears that they’ve turned things around a bit and should make a bowl, but under no metric should the season be considered a success, that is, unless they’re somehow able to go undefeated from here and win the conference championship. I highly doubt that is a likely scenario.


Seeing that what’s happening in Israel right now and reading Ezekiel 38 it’s a real possibility. In Revelation it talks about how those not of Christ will flee to hide in the mountains from God’s wrath. A little bit like how you ran for the hills after the South Bama loss, and waited until everything was clear to finally come out.

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5 touches total if you include Presley into that equation.

I ran from you the cult member. I knew it wasnt end of anything. Your post shows poor taste to. Babies are dead, and your using it to prove your point on a coach

I just figured it would be a little bit of a down year for him. Considering the four year history of Dunn, Dickey, and the offensive line the first four games seemed to be on track for a VERY disappointing season. My bet still stands if Gundy pulls out 10 wins this season. I’ll change my avatar to a picture of him.

For me it didn’t take until the South Bama game to realize there were some major flaws that needed to be addressed. I noticed it when we went into the 4th quarter only up 13-7 against an FCS school with a losing record last year. Everyone played it off as “Dunn’s hiding the offense” or said “Gundy’s just trying to get players more experience”.

So why is the coaching staff being reactive in the first fours games of the season as opposed to being proactive? What the Gundy and Dunn lovers were saying, plus the way our players were being used, it just makes absolutely no sense at all.

Oh, Robert! It is always a good time trying to decipher your garbling of the English language.

Thirteen other Big 12 coaches have won as many or more titles than Gundy. Gundy is 8th in the Big 12 in all-time winning percentage. He is 3rd in number of wins, but he is also 3rd in the number of games coached. He’ll surpass Bob Stoops on number of games coached in two weeks, but is a long way off as far as wins. There are five coaches who have won multiple Big 12 titles. Frankly, I’d prefer him be on that list than a longevity one. He is the most successful football coach at Oklahoma State.

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Who said I was doing that? The real issue is you have no real responses. So you make up something totally insane and attack other people. That’s what children and cowards do Bob.

Like i said double ended.

I guess you couldnt decipher those 2 words.
Which means you can make good reasons for both.
Just like mentioning bill who coached 27 years. But, mentioned stoops who is a blue blood.

This has been the major point I’ve tried to point out. It’s not that we think Gundy CAN’T win games. Gundy’s issue is he CAN’T win championships. Even when the odds are in his favor for one (OU 2013 and Baylor 2021).

I doubt anyone on here would be complaining about that issue if Gundy had three conference titles on his belt already. Let’s take Notre Dame as an example. Notre Dame is 0-11 in major bowl games since 1996. They have one championship in the last 45 years.

Is it better to win games, lose championships, and be called overrated? Or is it better to win games, a few conference championships , and be considered respectable?

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This is why I consider Gundy to be a good to very good head coach but not a great one.
If you look at what Gundy has accomplished in terms of total wins, winning seasons, 10 win seasons, etc at a program like OSU, you have to be a good coach. I know there’s the argument that his success is only due to Boone Picken’s money but resources doesn’t always translate to wins. Just look at Texas and Texas A&M. They have all the money in the world and haven’t done chit in over a decade.
However, the main hole in his resume is the lack of hardware. Yes, he did win OSU’s only outright conference title in 2011. He also should’ve won it in 2013 and 2021 when he had the better team each time and came up short.
For me, the 2013 Bedlam game will always be one of Gundy’s worst losses because of the implications. OSU wins and that’s 2 wins over OU in 3 years, 2 Big 12 title in 3 years, and probably 2 BCS bowl game wins in 3 years. That can change the trajectory of a program.

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Gundy and the offensive staff had reasons for that but I doubt you bothered to listen.

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