Daily Bullets (Oct. 4): Starter Named for Saturday, Gundy's Best Coaching Job on Deck

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Strange to think of Gundy as the highest paid coach in America not playing in one of the 2 Super-Money conferences. Got to think that comes with higher expectations than going 7-5.

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Well, that’s that. Bowman. Gundy is afraid to see if one of the other two QBs can make it work. I’d much rather have Rangel or Gundy start and see if either one can be the guy of the future. This move makes no sense.

Hate to say it but we’ve entered the era where we are paying too much for the head coach for the results we are getting. It was a fun ride but I don’t see any quick corrections to the program without a coaching change.


So would you be willing to stop complaining and be ok with HCMG as the coach if he only made say 2 mil a year? Is that what you want?

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He will never take a $5M pay cut lol. My point is that he is being paid more than what he is producing. It makes no sense for the university to pay that much when you can pay another coach $2-3M less for the same results.


Well I don’t see the point about the money. Coaching is either good or bad regardless.

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Bad coaching doesn’t warrant anywhere near $7.6 mill.

If he made $2M/year then the school would be showing its fanbase that its goals and expectations are not to be an elite level program, and thus my expectations would be lower. I’d be disappointed in the administration, but 6-6 and podunk bowls would be my expectation. But that’s not the path the administration has taken. They chose to pay like an elite college, and thus I’m not out of line to expect commensurate results, which we aren’t getting under the current coaching staff.


My point is bad coaching doesn’t warrant $1. Talk of money is pointless. We should have good coaching regardless

i think if the staff truly believed either Rangel or Gundy could actually BE the QB of the future they might not be leaning on Bowman. And frankly i hope like hell that the staff DOESN’T think that either of those two should be THE guy. I see a lack of substantial upside with both.

Its weird that Bowman is starting on Saturday.

The game has been scheduled for Friday night…I wonder who will start that game?

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