Daily Bullets (Sept. 24): OSU Heads into Bye Week on Two-Game Skid

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Well, it’s disappointing. I’m like a lot of fans…I wait from January to August for the new season and follow the developments all along the way. The anticipation and build-up; the optimism; the expectations; the HOPE.

For all of that to be basically gone before September ends is just disappointing.

I really don’t expect this team to win six games. Maybe not three games. Maybe some how, some way, we’ll beat OU. That’s the only thing to look forward to and we know that’s not likely.


Your last couple of statements shows just how far the FB program has fallen. Those are things we used to say back in the 90s when getting to a bowl game was like winning a Natty and all you had to forward to was the outside chance of a Bedlam win and basketball season (except now the men’s BB program can’t get it together).


What makes this situation worse from my POV is that it seems like this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Cowboys. In the days of NIL & the portal, a 1-yr turnaround is absolutely a possibility. However, the Mike Gundy approach to the portal seems to be as poor as youll find & the OSU NIL program doesnt seem to be ready to make that jump either. The current roster isnt very good and its fair to assume that this upcoming portal season will be much like the previous in that the losses will far outweigh the gains.

This team isnt very good. So why dont they hand the reins over to a QB who has some years left and can possibly bring some optimism to future recruits? If youre gonna struggle to be .500, wouldnt you wanna do it with a young QB who could go through some growing pains that would make him better for the next season? Or do you struggle with a guy who will be gone anyway and then youre left with trying to find a QB again next season?


One positive note: we won’t lose next weekend! :slight_smile:

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I’m not so sure. Just checked the Vegas odds and the bye week is favored by 2.5 :laughing:


Exactly, I was hoping Rangel or Gunnar would would get more experience snaps. If they don’t get more reps this season then how do you get them ready for next season? I don’t think Gundy was expecting to contend for a conference championship this season especially the fans but if it’s going to be a down season get these guys ready for next season and get these new schemes down to make a run next year. I really wanted Rangel to be the guy till he loses the job. From what Pat Jones told me he’s the furthest ahead of the QBs and looks to get better. I won’t be surprised if there’s still internal issues and loses half our offense to the portal. I don’t know what Gundy is doing but everything starting to tell me he’s burnt out.


We needs some fire, new energy, and to play the best players. I don’t believe Bowman is the best player for example. That offense we heard about all off season has yet to be fully seen. You think Gundy is burnt out?

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Season is cooked and I don’t see where the improvements will come from for next year. We are going to lose our better guys to the portal again this year and our recruiting sucks. Where are we going to get any dudes? There is nothing I see that says we will see improvement next year without canning this staff and starting over.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it guys. Gundy said we don’t have any major problems, and Robert still thinks we can win 10 games. You guys just need to stop all your biotching and whining. Gundy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we’re lucky to have him.

I’m sure there’s not another coach out there we could pay 7.5 mil to in order to hit up the portal and bring some decent players in to get us to 6-6. That’s impossible for anyone to do. Nobody before Gundy has ever proven they can do that. Also, we’re top ten in wins. All we need to do is show that to recruits, and I’m sure they’ll be kicking their chops to come to Stillwater.

Don’t worry about that portal guys. I’m sure we’ll bring in plenty of D2, D3, and G5 talent and that’s good enough to make OSU’s roster, but nobody else’s. Dunn and Dickey? It shouldn’t matter if we run a junior high offense or that we misevaluated our OL “talent”. It’s all the player’s fault if they don’t execute the play. It’s not the coach’s fault if the players aren’t good enough to execute the play, or if the defense already knows what’s coming. The players should be able and overcome those obstacles.

The most important thing is we have Cowboy Culture. Sure…we might go 2-10 this season, but as long as the kids are positive, everyone makes good grades, shows up to class on time, and claims that they love football. That’s the most important thing for the program. Everything else doesn’t matter. I could give a rat’s a55 what everyone else says on Twitter. Those people don’t matter at all.