Daily Bullets (Sept. 5): Most Viewed of the Week, Understanding the Why Behind Gundy's Decision, Spencer vs. Spencer

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“We’re all free to our opinions”

You are correct. I would say that opinions can also be dangerous when used in place for verified and factual information. Do you make decisions based on opinions and assumptions? Or do you make decisions based on facts and verified information?

“Over the last six games, which included Bedlam and the Houston Bowl against Texas A&M, the Cowboys allowed only 23.0 points a game.”

I understand but how many times did OSU run the ball and chew clock as well? K State used to be touted for stellar defense. They also maintained ball control for long periods of time in offense limiting the opposing possessions their defense would have to face.

I’m not trying to take anything away from the defense, but I think we have to look at a the different aspects of the team and opponents to see why this would be the case.

Thanks to Berry Tramel for his view on PFB.