Dax to Stillwater?

Time to begin dreaming again…

Seems likely that Harbaugh will be gone from Michigan after this season. That would free up Dax Hill to transfer. Any chance he’s in Stillwater come January?

Short answer is no, there is not a chance.


Why? He shot us down once. Let him endure the dumpster fire that is Michigan football.

Should of sent someone other than a graduate assistant to make the offer coming out of B.T.W.
Not great optics.

I mean… he could just transfer to alabama. If he decides to leave UM every program in the country will want him. It’d be stupid to reject him out of petty spite.

If he does transfer, then sure take him! But I’d rather see him stay at Michigan. It’s more likely that he stays there than that a non-blueblood gets him. Someone else mentioned optics. Imagine if he does transfer out and ends up in Norman?! Now that’s bad optics.