Day One Recap: Cowboys Lead Big 12 Wrestling after Strong Second Session

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OSU can make it eight straight Sunday.

I still can’t get use to only seeing 4 original Big 12 teams in the standings, and then a bunch of mountain and west coast schools. Just doesn’t look right

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Yes, it does feel awkward seeing teams without a true connection to the conference but what looks stranger is a conference wrestling tournament with only 4 teams. The MAC conference elevated their status by adding orphans but it back fired on Central Michigan U. because they have not won a conference title since they brought in Mizzu. That was the immediate end of CMU’s MAC dynasty and since then they look like a mediocre team each season. Cowboys need to face better competition to prepare them for the NCAA tournament so expanding the conference for wrestling will do that. Too bad the schedule does not allow the Cowboys to wrestle more Big 10 teams instead of having to grapple with the likes of Airforce.