Dee Anderson and Braydon Johnson Competing for Outside Receiver Spot

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Dunn has high praise for his new 6-6 pass catcher.

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Starting to look like if you redshirt for Dunn, it’s time to transfer.

I think all the frosh wideouts get redshirted except maybe Presley for the return game, but they may just trot him out there for four games then lock him down. Unless an injury bug hits, knock on wood, we really don’t need more contributors catching the rock beyond what’s been out there. We got a 6’7" or 8" TE who barely gets any passes thrown his way…

CJ. Moore and Grayson Boomer would still be setting on the sidelines. Yet everyone questions why Oklahoma kids would look to go somewhere else. CJ Moore was a little higher ranked than Dee Anderson but LSU must develop players faster and better than Dunn.

Yeah, that could be a valid argument except Tyron Johnson didn’t exactly set the world on fire in Stilly. Maybe both were overrated esp the two dudes from The Boot but I think Grayson was too. I think if CJ gets with the right team after his juco year he’ll light it up! The kid was behing the 8 ball because of his weight but he’s got some hands and the length to become a very good WR.

Dee Anderson got to LSU weighing 175.

And really didn’t live up to his 4-star, did he?!