Defense Tracker: Cowboys Boost Turnover Totals in TCU Loss

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But OSU also allowed the Horned Frogs 501 total yards.

I wonder what the yds/play is? Just thinking maybe the total yards are catching up to those previous years because our offense doesn’t hold the ball very long. It sure doesn’t feel like the defense was as good in 2013, but maybe I’m misremembering

501 yards on 17 possessions. What’s that in PPD?
It’s a shame seeing this good defense ( a rarity in Stillwater) being wasted on such a disappointed season.

They should’ve just taken the defensive line and made them play on the offensive line as well all game long.

My impression over the last few weeks - since the OU game - is that big plays are killing the defense, but so is the ball control/time clock management by the offense. As is typical in the Gundy era, offensive drives, even good ones, are very short. So the defense spends a lot of time on the field. TCU was the perfect example - early on the defense was tough but as the game wore on they gave up play after play after play. Exhaustion takes a toll. Really I would say the OU game was the only bad game they had as a unit, the other losses I would hang on the offense just consistently failing to do their job. The new coordinator clearly ain’t cutting it, he needs to go when season ends.

All season long FIFY

How do you know it’s Dunn and not Gundy? It’s Dunn’s first season as an OC. You don’t think he has his nose in what Dunn does and perhaps even has Dunn change some of the things he doesn’t like? We don’t know for sure because we aren’t there, but OSU isn’t in a position they should be experimenting when it comes to coaches being placed in newer positions. That is something non-power 5 and lower collegiate level schools do. You don’t see that happening often at other Power 5 schools. Even the bad ones will be reluctant to do that much.

All of the prior seasons under Gundy that the offense was in pretty high gear. This is the first year I think in Gundy’s tenure as head coach that the offense wasn’t in the top 25 stats wise. Only thing that changed from last year to this year was the OC (plus the OL issues). Same QB, same RBs, same WRs. So yeah, I think Dunn’s to blame. As far as the experimenting bit, Yurcich was a far greater experiment than Dunn - and Yurcich worked out fairly well. Dunn made sense given his history with the program but it isn’t working out as planned.

They were 37th on offense in 2014 when Yurcich was there. They didn’t have Yurcich last year and were 36th on offense with Gleeson. So it’s not the first time in Gundy’s tenure they aren’t in the top 25 stats wise. So maybe pay a little more attention?

So is it an OC issue or a HC issue? Also ask yourself this question. Would you rather enhance a coaching career as an OC at Oklahoma State or Rutgers?

Because if I were Sean Gleeson one of the last options for me would be leaving a program with historically good offenses and skill players to go to a Rutgers offense that hasn’t been historically good on offense with even less talent for the same exact coaching position.

That should be a huge question mark as to if Gundy is constantly throwing his hands in the OC’s business and the OC’s that don’t want to put up with it will search elsewhere. IF Sean Gleeson left OSU for Rutgers on that reasoning then that is a big problem.