Deondrick Glass Playing Time?

Any news on glass? I noticed that pretty much every running back all the way down to cooper got carries last game but glass did not. Is he injured cause there is no way all of those guys getting PT over him are more talented. Behavior issues? Does anyone have insight on the topic or will he be transferring any day now? I may have missed some news about him since I don’t check PFB like i use to but let me know

It’s literally the top thread when you posted this.

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Deondrick Glass

How bought Brennan Presley? He is literally our third best player but only got to touch it 00000 times! Not surprised at all. I said he will get very little playing time and underused this year because Gundy is too loyal to his senior guys as we have witnessed for years. This kid could put us over the top offensively but not going to happen. Pat jones 2.0. In my opinion this is one of Gundy’s biggest down falls.

Gundy is 3-0 and that’s what you’re swinging for the fences with? Log off, bot.


Begone Jeff


You’re seriously trying to claim that a true freshmen not getting playing time on what is probably the deepest wr corp in the conference as the reason this offense is going to fail this season? The team must really be doing a bunch of stuff right if this is where you’ve fallen to make complaints about. :rofl:

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Kid is undersized but he’ll get there eventually. You think he’s already better than Stoner and Wolf? :grimacing: :scream: :sob: I thought I saw him on KO return team a couple of times!