DePaul Center Nick Ongenda Puts OSU in Top 3

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Ongenda is from the same province as MA Moncrieffe.

Nice - a big, honking red OU Boomer Sooner Visa credit card ad along with this story.

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A big. Nice numbers

What in the world is going through Boynton’s head. Is he really just trying to fill our scholarship spots with bench warmers. This guy started 3 games for a team that only won 2 games in conference and averaged 5 ppg. Between Newton and him, they combined for 7 ppg last year. OU just added 2 post players that combined for 26 ppg and this is the best we can get. Neither one of these guys is going to play over Kouma. :exploding_head:

210 6’11? Dude is scrawny.

Still can’t understand why osu has such a hard time landing a big. Mind blowing really.

Boynton needs to get in gear quickly and sign somebody of significance. Still some quality guys in the portal, but the list is shrinking. Chris Beard is doing a helluva of job in his first 3 weeks. Porter Moser got a commits from 3 guys from the portal, and one being the big from Eastern Washington who dropped 32 on KU.

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