Despite Offseason Turnover, OSU's Offensive Line Might be Better in 2022

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True. Why do I root for a team that I know will never win anything at all? Bowls are worthless today. Fun to watch, but at the end of the day it is only about money. It doesn’t matter what day the bowl is on or who it is against. Always playing for 5th place at best. How do you people cheer on a team and a coach that can’t even win his own conference??? I used to be a die hard Gundy guy. Now, he’s just a complacent coach that can’t win anything meaningful. And, yes, I believe the Fiesta Bowl was a joke. And anyone who thinks it was some big accomplishment needs to see how many conference championships Gundy has won in 17 years. A conference championship is an accomplishment. Otherwise, just wasted years.

Sorry facts are tough to accept for you. We couldn’t get by them last year. We probably won’t this year.

Im sorry you dnt no what blah blah blah means. Iteans you do your best rainman.

You talk about how baylor is so good why did the lose when he threw3 and barely won we he threw 4.

A good team would have won both and by a bunch.

Sounds like we had to spot bayolr so they could win

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They won the one that counted. Keep in mind their 3rd string guy came in and went for 5TDs, 0 INTs and completed his first 25 passes in a row. Our dumbass went 0TDs and 4INTs. If that doesn’t scare you then you are in for a very rude awakening this year.

Rude awaking. Lol

There really is on a short period to take about this stuff.
That is in the spring when we tie down in talent. And even last spring isn’t a good time coming off 12 wins.

Tell me what do you think your crying will do tge other yahoo never have an answer. You just like looking like a lil gurl that crues when you dnt get what you want

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I for one would be interested in your answer.


I’ll buy you an Alabama shirt if you get out of here.


Because I am holding onto a glimmer of hope that Sanders transfers to the Canadian Powder Puff Arena League and hopefully he takes Mike Gundy with him so we can get a real QB and coach.

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If the only thing that will make you happy is winning a nat champ then you need to go root for another team or perhaps quit being a sports fan period because there is way more to sports than a Nat champ.


You obviously haven’t been listening at all. We need to start with conference championships. Gundy can’t get us over the hump. You are blind if you can’t see that. He deserves all the credit in the world for where we are. But, he’s done.

2005 - 6th south
2006 - T-5th south
2007 - T-3rd south
2008 - 4th south
2009 - 2nd south
2010 - T-1st south
2011 - 1st
2012 - T-3rd
2013 - T-2nd
2014 - 7th
2015 T-2nd
2016 - T-2nd
2017 - 3rd
2018 - T-7th
2019 - T-3rd
2020 - 3rd
2021 - 2nd

I’m still hoping for a serious answer.


Long story short? I am tired of OSU losing in the big 3 sports. Boynton is obviously trash and has proven it for over 4 years. Gundy can’t even win our conference. Holliday has had chances, but now our pitching staff is completely depleted. We won’t gain as many RBI’s as we lost in the draft. This was their year and they failed.

You’re disappointed in the OSU big three. That part I get. But that didn’t answer the question.


You would have hate being in stillwater doing the 60’s and 70’s

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I guess because I grew up a fan. Saw Barry play. I graduated from OSU. My oldest son moves to Stillwater next week to start architectural engineering classes. Just always been a fan. But, now that I am older I want better for OSU. And, I know that what we currently have is not going to get us further than where we are. All I care about anymore are conference championships and playoffs. I could care less that we won 12 games last year. We fell short. Period. Full Stop.

I just read i want want want.

Why is stillwater this place you think playoff should be happing, because of pat or jimmy?

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I have no idea what you just said.

I rewrote it

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Yea I haven’t been listening. I’ve been reading.

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