Did the Big 12 Actually Stink in 2020?

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The Big 12 went 5-0 in bowl games.

5 and 0 I dnt think so. I but the ou fans are kicking the selves over riley inability to beat lesser teams

Who gives a darn about big 12 going 5-0 in bowl season. The bowl season is about match ups a now opt outs at critical positions. We were with several key players and Miami was without the best 2 DB’s and best 2 best guys on the D-line. Oh and throw in a back up QB who played for almost 3 Qtrs. OU played Florida’s JV team, WV barley beat Army, Iowa State had a nice win over a 4-3 Oregon squad, but can you imagine if Purdy, Kolar and Hall would have opted out. Texas beat a bad Colorado team that would have won 2 big twelve games. The Big 12 isn’t going to get national respect until teams in this league stop losing to lesser conference foes. Just my opinion.


Vise versa we had are top db , rb defense out played are top receiver a lil longer then there qb. And their back up qb did more then king. I don’t get osu win ur way. But yea Florida had a ton out. Pac 12 were bad teams. Army was playing are 6th team it was a good match up.
I do hate bowls games because of match up but osu ouand wv should have been good match up and were some what.

The backup QB was a back up for a reason brother. Chuba wasn’t as good as the guys we had playing in the bowl game. I’m not saying they are better backs, but this season Chuba didn’t run well. I acknowledged we both had opt outs and it was a nice win for the Pokes, but we did blow a 21 point lead to backup QB in the game. If both teams are at full strength I still believe we would’ve won. My point is I would feel much stronger about the big 12 and it’s bowl accomplishments if the opt out factor wasn’t apart of it. Full strength Florida minus injuries vs OU could have been a great match up, but it turned into a turd hunt.

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They aren’t going to get any respect until they start scheduling decent non-conference competition. Playing McNeese State and Tulsa does nothing for our program from a respect stand point.


we should schedule Tulsa every single season. They were legit this season - hopefully PM keeps them improving.

I’m fine with Tulsa every year but a true blue blood every other year would be nice. The only team we’ve played in the last 6 years that’s actually winning is Boise State.

We played Florida St 6 years ago ('14 season before Walsh got hurt) and ■■■■ near beat them. like you - I’d love to see some more matchups like that


If the Big 12 wants more national respect, they need to start winning playoff games and national championships. The last Big 12 team to win a national championship was Texas and that was 15 years ago. In the current CFP format, the Big 12 (Oklahoma) is 0-4 and three of those losses were not pretty.

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What about the guys we had out ford Williams they just chumps. Their back did more then king but ho ahead make excuses for Miami

Be like ou and play Missouri state

@jarrod, the Big12 can’t win National Championships if they aren’t allowed in the playoffs!

You need a better win than Tulsa to make the playoffs.

I guess I don’t have a problem with scheduling an in-state school for one of the three games. My point is Tulsa hasn’t been very good until this season. Last season they had a 1 point lead on us at halftime and they went 3-9 last season. It either shows how bad we can be or it tells everyone else why we don’t want to schedule tougher competition.

We did do that. We did it in 2018. Do you not remember?

You aren’t allowed in the playoff when your non-conference games are against Stephen F. Austin and Northwestern State. Baylor and TCU found that out the hard way in 2014.

Ur repeating ur self

You said to do like OU did and we did that already. If I’m not mistaken I have seen us playing in a conference title game lately.

Joe get a hobby ur not even in it urself u know the year is over were all moved to a new sport