Do you have ESPN+

May I invite you, fellow Poke fans to actively follow our Cowgirl soccer team? Sports fan cynicism aside, how cool is it that we can watch home soccer games on tv? Grace Yochum’s second goal today was incredible. These ladies are tough and gutty and the way they work to bully their opponents is just fun to watch.

And here is a HOT TAKE ™ - Anna Beffer will be the color analyst for a World Cup game before she retires. Incredibly talented game call.

You’re paying for ESPN+ anyway - these Cowgirls will reward your fandom


+1 on this. I love ESPN+, not necessarily for the production quality, but because I enjoy watching a random Georgetown v. Mercer women’s soccer game. It’s awesome to be able to pull the Cowgirls up. I think every game has been televised this year.

Agree on Yochum’s goal. It was nasty. Also helps that “tall” keepers in women’s soccer are 5’10"… makes those top shelf shots a little easier.

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Yeah the stream was a little “skippy” for me. Fox streams are more smooth for sure.

Mine crashed three times in the 3rd quarter and was a bit laggy.

I’ve had ESPN+ for 2-3 mos now. Saturday was the first time I watched an entire game on there and I didn’t have any issues on my Apple TV.

I’m unable to watch anything on espn3 and I live a few miles from Notre Dame so unless the Irish are playing u can’t get sound at any sports bar so I’m very happy with the new deal that I can subscribe for only $4.99 that’s not connected to any cable service.

Also of note, the broadcast was ready right on time unlike other streaming channels when it’s scheduled for a particular time and you click there and nothing shows up until 5 mins into the game…

I did however want to come through the tv and choke that announcer that kept calling us okie state. How does ESPN not have this in their media notes before every OSU broadcast yet???