Dominic Richardson Might Be More Important to Oklahoma State in 2022 than Jaylen Warren Was in 2021

Originally published at: Dominic Richardson Might Be More Important to Oklahoma State in 2022 than Jaylen Warren Was in 2021 | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys’ do-it-all back is the key to OSU’s success.

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I’m going to have to disagree and call this statement hyperbolic. Jaylen Warren was the offense in 2021. Take him out and we’re at best a 6-6 team. This year is looking better already so taking DR out we would still be okay, although I’m glad he’s here and doing well.


We he is the only one to actually have more then 10 yards. I hope they can as of yet we havent seen it this year


I like what I have seen from Richardson. He likes to punish people. If you run over a few of them they become reluctant to make a body tackle and try an arm tackle. I will more impressed if he can make those three yard runs when we really need three yards. This will all depend on keeping our O-line healthy and them doing their job.


Have to be balanced and be able to run the ball on offense. Doesn’t matter who gets those yards rather it’s Dom, Warren or 3 guys combined but you have to be able to run the ball or else your team is always going to have ceiling.

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Well I think our backups are better than last year. Nixon is a different type of runner, hit a hole quick and he’s got at least 6 yards and speed if he gets past the LBers…. Would like to see more of Gordon too

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All of our runners are good. But just how good they can be depends on how good the O-line can play. If Richardson or SS goes down, that ends the season for the Pokes. And the way they are running SS so far, I think the chances are that he will be injured sooner or later.

I don’t know. Ollie has looked good when he has been given touches.

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Good luck. We’re not very good at giving our four star recruits much playing time.

He’s already played joy , he will get more touches especially since he can catch the dam ball. They are waiting to spring little Presley as a surprise :cowboy_hat_face:

Guy has a td already you are a fool

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Do not agree with that last statement. DJ goes down and they are done. Until one of the other backs get consistent, significant playing time you have know idea if they are the next big super star. Next man up.

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Is dj , dom?. Knock on wood this mite be are year without major injuries. The league has already lost 3 starting qb. Just those teams had 3 starters to replace them . Weve had some scares already dom hurt his ankle. Evers went out.
After next week we got 9 straight weeks of football. Got to get more kids involved

I like Richardson’s improvement, but I do attribute his early running success to the offensive line play and the extra 2-3 yards to his punishing running style. I am more ‘excited’ about the prospect of Gordon being a dynamic running back. He didn’t rush for a lot of yards, but his elusiveness surpasses Dominic’s, otherwise, he would have lost yards on his carries. Both seem to be able to catch passes out of the backfield. I actually look forward to seeing about 55/35/10 split carries between the two. The last 10% for the remaining stable of backs.

GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:


How much is he going to play? That’s the question. Gundy said before the season started if he does find a freshman he can play that he slowly integrates then in in every game during the season. You tell me how you know if you have a gem that might be better than the guy in front of him if his playing time is limited?

Exactly!!! If it weren’t for multiple injuries to the running backs last season then I don’t think we would’ve ever found out the potential Warren had.

That’s not going to happen under Gundy. We can hope all we want, but it’s no secret Gundy loves experienced senior players over talent. Even if the other guy is just straight up better. The only way you’re going to find out for almost an entire game or two is if multiple people get injured.

While I don’t believe that it is an absolute you are correct that HCMG and staff have an anecdotal history of playing inferior upper class men. The most notable was with Weeden/Alex Cate. It sounds like Weeden was a poor practice player and that’s why the nod was given to Cate, also think that Cate being a highly rated recruit had some play in the decision as well . Anyway it is what it is and there is no denying it.

DR is doing fine right now joy, Gordon will get carries , DR can’t carry 27 times every game. Between Gordon and Nixon there will be carries
Your hair brained analysis is just you being a screwball
It’s all conjecture