Dru Brown Named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week for West Virginia Win

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Another Cowboy QB wins Newcomer of the Week.

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I’m not sure why but felt like DB’s first start was a disappointment. I understand we won but the numbers and the run game just wasn’t there. I guess when you get used to driving a luxury car a base model just doesn’t feel right.
I hope he does better or at least I feel better about his game.

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My biggest takeaway was he didn’t make mistakes. He threw the ball away, didn’t force things and hit check downs and second reads. And in your first start, on the road, that’s what you have to do.

The guy has swag and confidence and I think we see that this week.More deep balls against the swiss cheese defense and he’ll most likely run more I believe. He got a game to get comfortable, now let it all hang out.


I agree. We could have lost that game. To the worst team in the league. But WVU is a tough place to play. All road games are tough. Our offense just had a big retool and had less than a week to prepare. We are probably lucky we got through it.

Brown did just enough of the right things and not enough of the wrong things to give us a chance. Hopefully, he will be better next week.

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I was pretty impressed with him. But, I was maybe more impressed with the coaching staff. They coached Dru into comfortability. I loved it that they let him chuck it deep on (I think) the 1st play from scrimmage. But then, eased him around with some dinks and dunks. I like the short game with the occasional #Rudolph2Washington looking throws!

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I know he did well and made the right decision on numerous occasions but he also got sacked way too much. I hope he lights up the Sooners. I think allowing him to throw deep kept the wolves away just enough for him to get comfortable.

Spot on with this comment. I travel to Morgantown every other year and I can tell you that is not an easy place to play and walk out with a win. Even when we come in loaded with everyone healthy you are not guaranteed a win. Drew did exactly what was needed and never did I feel like he was reckless with the ball and it never felt like the game was getting away from him. Would it have been great if the guy came out and threw for 300 and ran for another 100? Sure it would but that is not realistic. It was cold, hostile crowd, and down the top receiver so I think he did pretty well. Also, there were some times he could have taken off and run when he did not. I think the coaches were keeping that part of the game back to keep him from injury and save it for the land thieves…

I thought it was on the play calling in the first half after a good opening drive. Came out strong to start the third and the only 2nd half possession beside the victory formation that didn’t score was by not converting on 3rd and 1.

1st half TD- Only incomplete pass was the deep vertical ball on play 1. Rest of the passes were short and Chuba turned one into a 46 yarder. (6 runs, 5 passes) Total yards gained 74 yards.

Other 4 1st half Possessions - (2) three and outs, (9) play drive killed by holding penalty, and (1) end of half possession (-9 yards).
Total yards gained 35.