Dru Brown's Moxie Lifts OSU Past WVU, and Gives it a Fighting Chance vs. OU

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/dru-browns-moxie-lifts-osu-past-wvu-and-gives-it-a-fighting-chance-vs-ou/

Dru Brown was calm, cool and collected – and could be a Bedlam hero-in-waiting.

Article refers to Brown having confidence and cockiness. I see and appreciate the confidence. I don’t see the cockiness. Not sure where that description comes from??

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I think they mean the term cocky in the positive. I know a lot of time it carries a negative connotation but in this case I think the synonym they could have used was “poise”.

Must be an age thing.:slight_smile: I have no context for cocky as a compliment.

I’m largely the same, but I know people younger than me that have used it in the positive sense.