East Carolina Transfer Javon Small Commits to Oklahoma State

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Small fills a big need for the Cowboys.

Thank god we got a guy that can pass. Add a couple of 3 point snipers now please Mike.


Not to mention actually have an offensive plan


Guy looks like he can shoot and drive the ball too. Nice pickup, now get a couple more shooters

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A lot of red flags about this kid that doesn’t get me that excited. He’s gotten hurt both as a freshman and a soph. East Carolina has been horrible the last 2 years. Barely played as a freshman. They didn’t play any good teams out of conference last year but when he played memphis in conference, he had 9 turnovers in that game. I guess you can’t be too picky when we have 5 available scholarships…possibly more.


He looks tall on tape for a 6’2" guy. Oh well, we needed a backup PG and now we have one. Box checked.

He still has Boynton as a coach. He will be trash by the end of the season. Same as our record.

So who’s the starting point guard then ?

John Michael Wright is my assumption.