Edmond Santa Fe Tight End Tabry Shettron Commits to Oklahoma State

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The Shettron brothers are headed to Stilly.

Great pick up I’m glad he drug his brother along.

Using one brother to get the other. Looks like Gundy may have learned something from Boynton.

Ur an idiot not the first brothers gundy has gotten.
No job offer tho

Don’t cry it’s a good thing.

U got to be kidding me uve been crying about how bad cowboy culture and family is. Who do u think taught boynton.

No really, if Boynton will work with him just a little bit it might even help with the image thing that Hubbard pointed out.

So even when something great happens you can’t even be a little bit positive?

Hubbard wasn’t point out anything he was trying to make a name.

Can you read? I was just telling Robert it’s a good thing.

U really dnt know how to say good things. Ur praising boynton not gundy. Even tho gundy is teaching Mike about cowboy culture.

Yes I read fine with your backhanded compliments, which by the way is in fact not being positive

What a grab! Now let’s get that commitment back from Banks!


Hubbard wasn’t calling out Boynton.

Trying to confuse people won’t get u out of the hole ur digging

I would love to get banks. But stealing sexton from ou would really feel great. Plus get desean brown would be 2 more oklahoma kids.

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You’re the one with your head in the ground trying to act like nothing happened.

What did happen.

See right there shows why you are a Gundy fan. Memory loss can be signs of more serious problems.

No no no it’s not my memory I was testing. Coming from u anything gundy has done would be inline or less. I want u to tell what he did.