Eight Enrollees Start Their Time in OSU Football Program This Week

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QB2 is in the fold. Officially.

Has everyone gone to sleep on Costello?


I never heard much about how he was looking in the fall. Georgia wanted him, so he must be pretty good. Illingworth is pretty intriguing, with his size and arm.

I saw him play in fall ball. As good as Dru Brown

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How is Glass developing?

Why do you guys get the power to name Illingsworth QB2? Ever heard of making a kid earn it? Kind of an unnecessary statement IMO.

Uh, Costello?

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If memory serves, Costello was NOT even QB3 for the Texas Bowl last month. I’m guessing he hasn’t bought in, always says something, fails to do at least some of the right things, etc.

Nov '19 - …ntown have confirmed our report from Friday. Dru Brown QB1, followed by Shaun Taylor as QB2 and true freshman walk-on Peyton Thompson as QB3. Brendon Costello, as we reported, did not make the trip with the team.


To this point it has taken a QB good enough to go in the first round of the NFL draft for Gundy to win a conference title. I don’t see that kind of QB so I predict 3rd to 5th in the conference the next few years

Sanders will be improved all the way around, now if they will only call slants, more passes to the CWs, and more trickeration the offense can carry this team as per usual.