Eight Questions Ahead of Spring Ball for Oklahoma State

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/eight-questions-ahead-of-spring-ball-for-oklahoma-state/

Who kicks? Who runs? Who throws?

My Q is who is going be the #2 back behind Hubbard,is it Brown,Glass,or Jackson? RB depth chart is an interesting one

Will there be any new ideas on offense?

What’s up with Jake McClure? Wasn’t he like a 5 star kicker coming out of high school.

If anyone can match the swag of the social postings going on…Bundage. Just put that highlight on loop in BPS.

Had forgotten about that one. Literally LOL Texas. Ha!

Alex Hale?? If he is the PAT and FG guy, I hope he shows more strength than he did as a punter. There are kids in High School who were more productive. Constantly giving up 15-20 on most possessions. McClure can punt and kick off. Place kicker, I don’t know.

Can’t wait to see how Coach Rattay does with the QBs